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Features and Benefits

Incident Logging

iCasework TAB allows street services agents, community wardens, housing offices and other involved agencies to:

  • Log details of incidents and record incident logs
  • Use intelligent, online forms to record information
  • Use laptops, desktops or handheld PCs to interface with the application
  • Give complainants online access to update incident logs
  • Automatically allocate incidents to case workers

Sophisticated Case Management

iCasework TAB allows caseworkers to:

  • Access a complete online case file
  • Categorise incidents
  • Generate letters, emails or SMS at relevant points in the procedure
  • Generate tasks at relevant points in the procedure
  • Complete and record details of tasks within a standard target time
  • Record case outcomes
  • Record notes of incoming and outgoing phone calls
  • Record details of interviews with complainant and alleged perpetrator(s)
  • Respond to correspondence
  • Work from home

Implement a true multi-agency approach

iCasework TAB allows you to:

  • Share case files and collaborate with other agencies
  • Complete and record details of Review and Action meetings within standard target times
  • Request technical inspections where necessary
  • Refer a case for mediation
  • Refer a case for noise monitoring
  • Refer a case for consideration at a meeting that may make recommendations
  • Refer a case for review and comment by local police
  • Generate an Acceptable Behaviour Contract or Parental Responsibility Contract
  • Process an application for an Anti-Social Behaviour Order
  • Process an application for legal action such as possession proceedings or injunctions
  • Monitor enforcement and breaches of court orders

Using intelligence to understand trends and improve performance

iCasework TAB allows you to:

  • Analyse trends of any data held on your case files
  • Analyse and assess performance in managing cases
  • Generate statistics and graphs for publication on intranet and internet
  • Drill-down from reports into case files

Web access for complainants

iCasework TAB allows complainants to:

  • Log details of incidents
  • Update incident logs
  • Track case progress
  • Contact case officers

Out-of-the-box integration

iCasework TAB

  • Provides a standalone customer database or integrates with your existing CRM
  • Provides a toolkit for integration with other systems such as a property database, document imaging system or geographical information system (GIS).