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UsefulFeedback! Opens in a new window is the leading complaints management software on the market today. Built specifically for capturing, handling and reporting on complaints, UsefulFeedback! i Opens in a new windows a true end to end, enterprise wide complaint management solution.

Whether you operate in the public or commercial sector, getting complaints management right is critical to the health of your business. More information and a free trial of the on-demand solution are available at www.usefulfeedback.com. Opens in a new window

We can speak from experience on this. We have been delivering best of breed complaint management software solutions since 1999, helping companies to constructively and pro-actively manage complaints in order to positively impact all areas of the business.

building jigsawRegardless of the size of your company, the industry sector in which you operate or your geographic location, UsefulFeedback! Opens in a new windowcan help you listen to what your customers are telling you in order to deliver outstanding customer service, efficient processes and an enhanced customer experience.

A scalable complaints and feedback management platform that can seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure, such as your CRM system, UsefulFeedback! is built around your industry needs.

Available either as on-demand, accessed via a web-browser, or as an on-site installation, UsefulFeedback! will enable you to manage complaints from a central team or devolve the capture of complaints and feedback to all frontline staff - a truly enterprise wide approach to capturing, handling and listening to the 'voice of the customer'.

But it doesn't end there. The beauty of UsefulFeedback! is that all of our complaints management experience and knowledge is built into the software, and with a wide variety of industry specific configurations available that can easily be fine tuned to your business's specific needs, you get exactly what you need, simply and easily.

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