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System Features

Achieving Service Excellence Through Continuous Improvement

Feedback from customers is an excellent way to continuously improve the products or services that you deliver through the vital information obtained about the performance and associated risks to your business. The better your feedback process, the better the quality of information you will have to improve services.

Managing Risks

Tagish's solutions provide an excellent platform for ensuring that issues raised by customers are dealt with in a timely and appropriate manner. The risk of issues escalating is mitigated and can provide measurement of service recovery success.

Effectively and Efficiently Resolve Complaints

Throughout the life of a complaint, the system supports your business processes using its extensive workflow, notification and case management facilities. All actions taken in resolving the complaint are recorded within the system, including any correspondence, such as photo's or documents, providing a single source of information.

Learn from Feedback

The Tagish system has extensive business intelligence and reporting capabilities within the system allowing trends to be identified and monitored. Information gained from analysing the feedback allows the completion of full learning cycles within your organisation resulting in improved service delivery and better planning for the future.

Easy to Deploy and Use

The system is fully internet browser based allowing easy deployment throughout your organisation. In order to use the system all staff need is a computer with a browser. Tagish can securely host the solution for you if required.

Devolving Complaints Handling to the Frontline

Tagish's solutions enables all staff to deal with customer complaints and empowers them to seek mutually acceptable resolutions as swiftly as possible. Licensing is flexible, allowing a variety of staff to access the system across the organisation ensuring that issues are dealt with by those closest to service delivery.

Working Together in Partnership

Cooperative working is the key to providing seamless services to customers. Many complaints processes have elements that are outsourced or undertaken by different groups within the same organisation. Tagish's solutions seamlessly facilitates working together.

All staff involved in a process access a single source of information where all details of progress are logged, although Data Protection and confidentiality issues are catered for on an individual basis

All Case Information in One Central Location

Knowing where to find information related to a case is easy with the system as everything is stored or linked to from one central location. Documents and scanned images can all be attached to cases to ensure that staff have all the information at their fingertips.

User Friendly

People only have access to the areas of the system that they specifically need. The case workers portal guides staff through your procedures with context sensitive action windows to clearly display next actions due, letters generated, case notes and the current status.

Specialist interfaces are available to match users particular needs ensuring that training requirements are kept to a minimum and the system can be deployed across the organisation.


Customers and staff can be kept up to date with the progress of a case using a variety of options including e-mail and SMS. The automatic allocation of actions and the automatic escalation of issues generate notifications to staff that tasks need to be completed.

24x7 Customer Self Service

The Tagish system allows customers to report an issue and to review the progress of their issue on-line at whatever time is suitable to them.

Fully Scalable

Manage customer complaints and feedback built on a comprehensive casework solution which has been deployed across and between small and large organisations.

Comprehensive Auditing

All actions undertaken on the system are audited ensuring that you have a complete record of what has happened with the issue.

Out of the Box Integration

As well as providing security integration with Active Directory and other LDAP compliant directories, iCasework provides a variety of web services and API's to be used for systems integration. The system can link with other systems such as middleware, document management and GIS.