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Why iCasework

Our Approach

At Tagish we fully support the customercentric approach to customer service and everything we do is to make sure we cater for diverse and varied needs of organsiations.

We pride ourselves on understanding the initiatives within your marketplace, enabling us to develop solutions that are built around the best practice workflows and commercial needs of your industry. and we recognise that you deploy the software so we provide UsefulFeedback! as both an on-demand and on-site solution.

Our ultimate goal is to provide a complaint management solution that is right for you. We work hard to understand your markets, with the objective of building this knowledge and our experience into the products to deliver real business value.Woman with flipchart

Our Software

UsefulFeedback! is designed to be flexible and modular, and above all structured to provide tangible business benefits. All of our software is provided 'out of the box' so we can build in. as standard, you industry's commercial and legislative complaint management needs.

The software is built to be intuitive, user friendly and easy to configure for your exact requirements. And since we now live in a global economy, UsefulFeedback! has been developed as a multi-lingual product that provides the correspondence and customer facing aspects of the system in the local language, making it easily scalable across countries and resilient to ensure you can maintain confidentially but have access at all times.

The software is in use across a variety of organisation types and industries, with proven success as a departmental or enterprise wide solution. It can be integrated into your existing infrastructure to provide a seamless link with leading CRM solutions such as SAP or SalesForce.com, or legacy customer databases. We also regularly deliver upgrades, which means the software can flex to meet your changing and evolving orgainsational requirements.

The flexibility of the software and our undserstanding of wider case management means that UsefulFeedback! can easily be expanded to cater for other processes, such as incident management or product returns, giving you a total solution, not just a part of the bigger picture.

Our People

At Tagish our people are important to us - it is vital that they are passionate about complaints management and customer service. We make sure that we live and breath everything complaint management and have been working in this sector for so long and with such soccess that we have it our mission to understand all there is to know about the subject, so we can provide what is right for you.

Our Implementation

We have a dedicated team of experts that will work with you to ensure you have the right implementation. Our solution will be delivered promptly and accurately to your required specifications by our implementation team and partners. Each member of the team has a deep knowledge and understanding of the processess and on-going market requirements, and will work with you, and guide you, through the implementation phase to ensure we meet your feedback orientated goals and deliver immediate benefit to your organisation.

Our Support

While the software has been developed to be robust and easy yo operate in the modern day working environment, issues do arise. For your peace of mind, every customer has access to both our extensive on-line help facility, as well as our help desk experts. So if you never have to worry, as help is only a mouse click or telephone call away.

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