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Your customers will choose which channels they use to interact with you and will expect consistency and quality of service to be at the same high level across the entire organisation, including your external service providers.

With UsefulFeedback!, the capture and resolution of complaints and feedback can be extended beyond the Customer Service department to the call centre, branch network and any other customer facing contact channel, including partners, suppliers and distributors. Each channel can capture data in every format possible; via the phone, the Internet, by email, letter, fax, face-to-face, SMS, mobile and digital television.

UsefulFeedback! removes duplication of activity and effort from the process and provides access to information so every employee can see where in the process the complaint lies, any time the customer makes contact. For complaints that are escalated to dedicated complaint handlers, UsefulFeedback! Automatically manages the escalation of the issue to the correct department or individual.

UsefulFeedback! requires no training for customer facing staff. The software is process led and allows people on the frontline to deal with issues as they arise. When frontline staff are able to deal with a problem, issue or complaint, there and then, the customer goes away happy - and impressed!

Automate and Streamline the Complaint Management Process

Successful complaint management is much more than just resolving the issue to the customer's satisfaction; it's also about ensuring you are doing what is right for your company and operating within the parameters of your business. With UsefulFeedback! you will be able to streamline the handling of complaints and feedback to define and enhance your complaint service standards. The software will improve how every complaint is handled, from first contact to resolution, delivering efficiency and transparencywithin the process, as well as greater productivity from the team.


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As a result, capturing, tracking and resolving each complaint becomes easier and faster, enabling ongoing communication with customers at all stages of the process. Your customers will also benefit from a consistent approach to complaint management - each complainant can be sure their case will be investigated fully and resolved appropriately.

You can quickly and easily enhance your processes for dealing with a complaint, thanks to a userfriendly system that can be accessed immediately on-demand, or deployed in days as an on-site solution. So implementing a UsefulFeedback! complaint and feedback management solution will put you on the right path to creating an effective, customerdriven strategy.

Learn from Complaints to Drive Organisational Change

Excellent analysis and reporting capabilities are vital for an organisation that wants to fully benefit from customer complaints and feedback. It is essential to not only capture the correct data, but also have the tools to analyse it.

The enterprise wide nature of UsefulFeedback! enables you to capture greater quantities of complaints and feedback, which can be shared, analysed and utilised throughout your organisation to implement best practice procedures and provide a rounded and realistic picture of concerns.

All the data collected is captured in a standardised format making it easy to understand and analyse. The data will enable your organisation to fully appreciate customer concerns, identify service and product deficiencies and highlight supplier issues in order to put corrective actions in place that will ultimately deliver a better customer experience.

Easily and Effectively Comply with Industry Complaint Management Standards

Whatever industry you operate within, the need to comply with regulations and legislation is a growing concern.

UsefulFeedback! has been developed with this in mind. With a variety of industry specific configurations available, UsefulFeedback! is built around the best practice and compliance requirements that govern each sector, making it easy for you to provide evidentiary data and adhere to rules and standards, regardless of whether they are imposed internally or from industry bodies.

UsefulFeedback! gives you a complete audit trail of every complaint, so if you need to prove the 'fair treatment' of your customers you can demonstrate your methods instantly, at any level of detail.

Furthermore, we work with the respective regulators to ensure we can help our customers understand and deliver on complaint management initiatives by building the relevant processes into the product, so you don't need to worry about being compliant.

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