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iCasework Anti-Bullying Solution

The anti-bullying solution is configured to be used internally within the education authority by the schools, council staff, any other appropriate group/club to record and manage all reports of bullying storing all documents, notes and case contacts in one place.

  • Stores all the case data in one case file.
  • Link similar cases together.
  • Set a case rating which can change the target number of days for a case, which is useful for high priority cases.
  • Mark cases as confidential to restrict access to the person dealing with the case, if the case is deemed to be of a sensitive nature.
  • As well as tasks automatically being added to the case you may add tasks at anytime to cover any eventuality.
  • Assign tasks to other people e.g. send a leaflet to the parents can be assigned to the school secretary; you will then be able to see within the case when the task was completed.
  • Get sent automatic reminders when tasks are due.
  • Using predefined templates add letters and emails to the case which has case information automatically pre-populated; e-mails can be automatically sent from the system if required.
  • Contact colleagues for advice from within the case.
  • Record case contacts details in one place, e-mail them from the case and automatically store their replies against the case.
  • Add notes to the case which can be categorised to show whether the note refers to a call, meeting, e-mail etc.
  • Print off the current case progress which details all the completed tasks.
  • Print off the notes, current case progress to use in meetings with parents or other professionals.
  • Full audit trail for the case.
  • See how your team is doing via a team dashboard.
  • Use the Adhoc reporting tool to create your own custom reports.

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