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Human Resource Case Management

HR Jigsaw

Tagish's HR case management solution is based on the iCasework case management platform. The solution allows the staff members and managers to record and manage all manner of HR requests from general enquiries to requests to retire including line manager authorisations, storing all associated documents, notes and case contacts in one place.

Users manage cases through the staff portal which has an easy to use interface presenting staff with various views of their case load, enabling them and their line managers to handle requests efficiently and effectively. Line managers may report and manage sickness via the iCasework employee portal. Line managers receive emails with links to tasks set within the workflow which include return to work interview forms and authorisation for standard requests. An enquiry process is used for logging general enquiries by helpdesks or designated teams which are received via telephone or email, enquiries can be closed on the spot or escalated to the appropriate expert team for handling.

Record all Requests

Use your intranet with iCasework electronic forms to capture all HR related requests directly from staff.HR Examples

  • Web based solution to allow requests or notifications to be recorded by any member of staff with access to the corporate network.
  • Ensure all of the appropriate information is collected for different types of request.
  • Style the forms to fit within an existing intranet.
  • Any related documents can be attached to the initial requests (including scanned images)


Ensure all Requests are Handled Appropriately

Case management facilities ensure that requests are dealt with in a timely and appropriate manner with notifications and escalations of tasks.

  • The web based nature of the solution allows information to flow and notifications to be sent in real time.
  • All information is stored in one central, electronic case file meaning all those requiring access to the information can access it instantly.
  • Tasks can be assigned to individuals on an automatic or manual basis to ensure that actions are followed through.
  • Automatic notifications and reminders of tasks due.
  • Notes can be added to cases at any stage.
  • Electronic approval by line managers.
  • Predefined templates for standard letters and e-mails.


Analysis of Human Resources Cases

Analysis of HR activity in organisations is key to planning appropriate resources and identifying trends.

  • Dashboards, standard reports and ad-hoc reports can be used to analyse, review and manage requests and cases.
  • Full audit history of request and case activity
  • Reports can automatically sent from the system at pre-defined intervals to managers in pdf format.

Business Processes Covered by the Solution

The following business processes are covered by the iCasework HR Solution:

Capability, Disciplinary, Re-deployment, Enquiries, Leavers, Complaints, Sickness, Acting, Contractual change, Honoraria, Job evaluation, Season ticket loan, Temporary/Fixed Extension, Transfers, Pregnancy, Career breaks, Change of personal details, Resignation, Retirement, Leave requests, Maternity / Paternity Leave

In addition the system can be configured to support your specific HR processes.