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Details of the System

Enhance service delivery

Tagish’s Case Management Systems allows organisations to provide enhanced services to their customers and partners through supporting streamlined business processes. Full management of cases is enabled through with staff able to monitor, review and action case information on-line through a simple to use browser interface.

Share information

Cooperative partnership working is key to providing seamless services to customers. Many business processes have elements that are outsourced or just undertaken by different groups within the same organisation.

Tagish’s Case Management System allows all involved in a business process to  have access to  a single source of information for cases where all details of progress are logged. The flow of information is improved and any individual or group can see exactly where a case is up to.

Continuous service improvement

In order to continue to achieve excellent customer service in times when customer expectations are rising, it is essential that processes are improved on a continuous nature.

Not only does Tagish’s Case Management System give you the feedback that you need to monitor the process through its business intelligence and reporting interface, it is also flexible enough to be developed with your business processes.

24x7 self service for customers

Many customers and clients are not able to access your services when you deliver them as most services are delivered during normal working hours.

Tagish’s Case Management System allows customers to log a case and to review the progress of their cases on-line at whatever time is suitable to them. The integrated on-line forms allow all the relevant information to be captured at source with automated validation of the information to ensure that the case can be handled as quickly as possible.

Workflow to support business processes

Business processes tend to involve more than one person undertaking tasks to achieve the desired outcome. Tagish’s Case Management System has built in configurable workflow to ensue that resolution of cases progresses smoothly irrespective of who needs to deal with the next stage of the process.


Every business has processes that work in slightly different ways that best fit their particular set of circumstances. In order to ensure the best fit of a Case Management System into the process, Tagish offer a full implementation service which will ensure that the process and the system fit seamlessly together. The system is configurable to ensure that it supports the processes of the business in the way that the business wants to operate.

Automatic notifications of progress

Customers and staff are kept up to date with progress of a case using a variety of option including e-mail and SMS. The automatic allocation of actions and the automatic escalation of issues generate notifications to staff that tasks need to be complete.

All information stored in one place

Knowing where to find information related to a case is easy with Tagish’s Case Management System as everything is stored or linked to from one central location. Documents and scanned images can all be attached to cases to ensure that staff have all the information at their fingertips.

Integration with other systems

A wide variety of interfaces are available to integrate with other systems within your business to support business processes and ensure maximum integrity of data across systems.

Access system from anywhere

Tagish’s Case Management system is fully browser based and can be accessed from anywhere, fully supporting home based working.