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Disaster Recovery Planning

How would your organisation cope if the worst happened? Tagish can offer assistance to ensure that you survive a disaster - we have real life experience!

Fire at Tagish Head office - Feb 11th 2006Fire at Tagish Head office - Feb 11th 2006

Tagish's head office, Alnwick, Northumberland - 11 February 2006.

At around 11.30am on Saturday 11th Feb a blaze broke out in the roof void of Tagish's head office at Bolams Mill which required six fire crews to extinguish. But this drama did not spell crisis for Tagish thanks to an effective disaster recovery plan.

By early Saturday afternoon key personnel had been contacted by telephone or text and a meeting held to implement the pre-agreed plan. By Monday morning work was underway to restore client websites up and down the UK.

More information on the fire is available in our news section.

If you would like to find out how Tagish can help you with your disaster recovery plan, please get in touch.