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Tagish host thousands of public and private sector websites, applications, backup environments and software solutions for a wide range of international clients. Our in-house Infrastructure Team delivers a first class service built around the following priorities:

Performance and Availability

We ensure optimum performance and availability of our hosted systems by:

  • Monitoring systems 24-7 using industry leading enterprise monitoring systems.
  • Employing on-call engineers to maintain the hosted environment 365 days a year.
  • Using redundant power and connectivity links in all of our environments.
  • Ensuring equipment is monitored and maintained by highly qualified professionals.
  • Notifying all customers of maintenance windows and current system status live via our dedicated status site.

Security and Protection of Data

Your data is protected from unauthorised access and accidental or malicious damage and deletion by our security procedures:

  • We are accredited to ISO 9001, for which we are assessed and prove compliance on an annual basis.
  • All of our servers are built to a secure specification to comply with vendor recommendations.
  • We never store access credentials outside of our corporate network and always within encrypted password safes.
  • Only personnel with explicit permission have access to our hosted environments.

Tagish operate a number of data centres. Our primary data centre is accredited to ISO/IEC 27001 with following features:

  • CCTV system covering the whole data floor, outside the building and all entrances.
  • Visual verification of all personnel on entering the building.
  • Key coded racks to ensure that only authorised personnel access hosting equipment.
  • Climate control to ensure optimal performance of equipment at all times.
  • Full state of the art fire suppression systems.

We enhance security by:

  • Using Industry leading Enterprise Firewalls.
  • Adding Security Certificates to Web-facing Applications.
  • Only using strong accounts and passwords on all of our systems.
  • Pro-actively monitoring and updating our hosted security.
  • Conducting regular penetration testing on the hosting environment.
  • Undertaking regular enhanced security checks on technical personnel.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Tagish offer a range of backup and disaster recovery solutions, based on the needs of our clients including:

  • Off-site backups using proven cryptographic methods to authenticate users and are stored in a secure environment.
  • Clustered Databases and Applications.
  • Hot Standby Hardware.
  • Replicated DR environments.

Latest Technologies

Tagish have invested in some of the latest technologies to improve our service delivery:

  • Virtualisation to consolidate resource management, reduce hosting costs to our customers and minimise our impact on the environment.
  • Cloud Computing to enhance our delivery of internet based business applications

If you would like to find out how Tagish can help you with your hosting needs, please get in touch.