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Management of an IT infrastructure is often a complex task requiring significant effort to ensure that system availability is maintained. A variety of options are available to allow the monitoring of servers, networks, applications and the environment,Zenoss: Open Source Enterprise Monitoringhowever, many of the solutions are very expensive and often very time consuming and difficult to implement. Tagish, facing exactly these problems in selecting a suitable product in order to manage it's multi-site hosting operation, selected the open source Zenoss Core product. Tagish have now become Zenoss' only UK partner able to promote, install and support the product. 

Key benefits of Zenoss Core include:

Tagish systems monitoringComprehensive functionality – inventory and configuration management; availability and performance monitoring and event management.

Comprehensive coverage – network, servers, applications and environmental factors all covered.

Simplified use – with a full graphical user interface to the product it is easy to configure and use.

Lower cost of ownership – no license costs - giving you access to the full product functionality.

Tagish is able to make the use of this open source package much more attractive to enterprise level customers by offering a full installation and support service. This provides UK based support for the product backed by direct access to Zenoss 2nd line support. Installation can be undertaken on a fixed price basis ensuring quick and easy deployment. For more information see www.zenoss.com or contact Tagish.