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iSiteCMS - Benefits

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Organisations in both the public and private sector understand the need to provide reliable, up to date and high quality information to users of the website. Whether this is for the internet, intranet or to form part of collaboration environment between partners, iSiteCMS is a powerful, easy to use system to manage your web content.

iSiteCMS allows you to build and maintain websites that can become integral to the relationship between your customers and yourselves. Your staff will be empowered to create, publish and manage content within the website without the need for extensive training.

Easy to Manage Web Content

A woman working with the iSite CMSiSiteCMS is designed to allow non-technical users to create, publish and manage easily the rich content of the website with very little training using an internet browser.

The familiar WYSIWYG editor of iSite supplemented by centralised libraries of images, documents and other frequently used items ensures that high productivity can be achieved immediately by non-technical users.

High Quality User Experience

The quality of your website is judged by those using it based on the quality of their experience browsing the site. Consistent branding is enforced throughout the website using pre-designed templates to which everyday content authors would not have access.

Value for Money

A flexible licensing structure and a variety of options for providing content management as a service allows maximum value to be achieved.

Rapid Delivery

iSiteCMS has many features ready to go out of the box. Simply applying your own branding and migrating your content into the system is all that it takes to get a highly professional website up and running. Tagish can assist with the design of the website or the migration of data to the website.

Publishing Workflow

A man on a platform, successfully building an accessible website using iSiteIf you do not want all staff to be able to publish directly to the website, then iSiteCMS's workflow capabilities allow you to set up rules for the approval of content prior to publication. The workflow functionality can also alert content owners when content is due for review.

Dynamic Page Content

All of the website content is stored in a relational database allowing information displayed to be personalised for an individual user and to be updated immediately. This also allows other relevant information to be highlighted to the user.


iSiteCMS has many features to ensure the accessibility of your websites to as many users as possible. The system is designed to support up to the W3C 'AAA' standard.