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iSite Website CMS - Features

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iSiteCMS has many features ready to go out of the box. Simply applying your own branding and migrating your content into the system is all that it takes to get a highly professional website up and running. Tagish can assist with the design of the website and the migration of data.

Applications and Modules available with the iSite Package:

Form Builder LogoEasily create and publish your own on-line forms for capturing information from website users.Web Site Pages

An easy to use and flexible way of creating professional looking web pages with minimum training using a standards-compliant WYSIWG editor. PageBuilder allows authors to create web pages without having to worry about the site design.


A-Z LogoA-Z listings of your products or service for easy referenceDid You Know Logo

Convey interesting facts to your customers. The facts are displayed in a key area of the site and change whenever you go to a page and can be specific to different areas of the site


Documents Logo

Centralised libraries of images, documents, media, standard text, website links and contacts. Content is stored once in the central libraries then used as many times as required across the sites


Events LogoAdvertise events using a calendar and allow registration for the event, collecting all relevant details from the user. Contact those registered directly from the system via e-mail
FAQ Logo

Manage a list of questions that your website users may be interested in. Users are able to ask new questions and the questions can be related for usefulness


Features LogoOptional module for homepages to display featured articles
Groups LogoMangage security from a central point in the groups sectionImages LogoEasily add, edit and manage images on your site
Links LogoProvide links to other relevant sites and services with full checking to make sure that links remain validNews Logo

Keep your website up to date by easily creating news items with the ability to have newsflashes. Old news items are automatically removed from the site when out of date


Blog Logo

Add blogging functionality to your site to keep customers interested, sharing your views of current topics. Site users may comment on blog entries


Organisation logoCan be used to populated directories for intranet and websites
Phonebook logoSecurely store contact detailsVacancies LogoEasily advertise all your vacancies which are automatically removed from the site when out of date


Publishing Workflow

If you do not want all staff to be able to publish directly to the website, then iSiteCMS's workflow capabilities allow you to set up rules for the approval of content prior to publication. The workflow functionality can also alert content owners when content is due for review.

Dynamic Page Content

All of the website content is stored in a relational database allowing information displayed to be personalised for an individual user and to be update immediately. This also allows other relevant information to be highlighted to the user.


iSiteCMS has many features to ensure the accessibility of your websites to as many users as possible. The system is designed to support up to the W3C 'AAA' standard. Tagish also offers specialised accessibility services.


iSiteCMS is designed to be customised to your own requirements.


iSiteCMS allows full integration with other web based or back end systems to allow seamless processes to be operated.

Other features

  • No-hassle easy to use content editor
  • Distributed editing from any browser
  • Multiple publication channels
  • Flexible site structure including sub-sites
  • Fully integrated security (LDAP enabled)
  • Metadata and classification management
  • Workflow
  • Menu and navigation management
  • Supports the creation of accessible websites
  • Advanced search capabilities
  • Full audit trails
  • Content versioning
  • Central content libraries with content reuse
  • Wiki
  • Discussion forums
  • e-Forms
  • e-Marketing and e-Polling
  • News and Events
  • Phone book and contact library
  • Notice boards
  • e-Commerce
  • Blogging