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iSite Web Content Management for Not-for-Profit Organisations

A key issue facing Not-for-Profit organisations is the challenge of communicating effectively with their wide range of stakeholders in a cost effective manner. Tagish iSite Web Content Management System ensures that employees, volunteers, and the wider community have access to all the up-to-date information that they need.

Key Benefits

Keeping in Touch

In order to ensure that people are aware of upcoming events and the latest news a number of methods exist within the system. In addition to the standard modules for displaying news and events they can be supplemented by RSS newsfeeds which can then be subscribed to by individuals and integrated into other sites. Indeed, iSite WCMS can integrate feeds from other sites into your site.

Newsletters can also be sent from the iSite WCMS where users have subscribed using the website linking the users back to the website for more information. If all of this sounds complex, it really isn’t and Tagish will be there to help you achieve your desired outcomes.


iSite enables you to fully engage with your stakeholders through a variety of means including information forms that you can easily design yourselves, discussion forums or through blogging should any of your staff or volunteers wish to participate in this relatively new area of internet life.

Rapid Implementation

In order to get you up and running as quickly as possible with the minimum fuss Tagish have a set of standard templates that can be customised to reflect your style and branding. Tagish can also assist in migrating content into the site.

Value for Money

Tagish appreciate the financial demands that are placed on not for profit organisations. We have a flexible approach to charging for the product to allow it to fit into your budget. The full features of the iSite WCMS are available as a monthly or yearly service to fit in with your funding.

Understanding the Impact

It is very important that you understand how your website is being used in order to improve it. Tagish will give you the statistics and can advise on improvements.


Some of the features you may wish to use:

  • PageBuilder – an easy to use and flexible way of creating professional looking web pages with minimum training.
  • SiteBuilder – the tool to manage the structure of the site.
  • FormBuilder – create you own on-line forms for data capture.
  • e-Polling – run quick polls on your site to encourage participation in decision making.
  • Centralised libraries - of images, documents, website links and contacts.
  • Events – highlight key events.
  • News – keep up to date with the ability to have newsflashes.
  • Workflow – approval processes for new content and content that requires review.
  • Version control – ensure that you always have previous versions.
  • Security – highly flexible to keep information secure.
  • Classification – classify information to allow it to be grouped in a variety of different ways to improve access to it.
  • Metadata management – automatically assign.
  • Wiki – collaborate in a open or closed environment.
  • Notice board – all sorts of uses including for sale and less formal notices.
  • Phonebook – securely store contact details.
  • Frequently asked questions – manage a list of questions.
  • Discussion forums – allow discussion to take place on items of interest.
  • Advanced search - facilities to allow information to be easily located. This may be extended to cover other websites.