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Tagish delivers a range of products and services used extensively for facilitating communication between customers, staff members and partners, providing them with the right tools to either record, track, manage, resolve or analyse complaints and feedback.
Over the last 14 years, our solutions have been built on a deep understanding and knowledge of the complaints management process, and principally its place within the regulated markets of financial services, government, healthcare and utilities but also many of the other commercial markets.

Tagish have a highly skilled and experienced team of technology specialists who ensure that the solution meets your business requirements. In addition, Tagish works with specialist complaints management consultants to ensure the most effective and efficient implementation of the complaints and feedback management system.

Tagish's products and services are focussed on the following markets:

Tagish offer a range of flexible solutions so if your industrial sector is not mentioned here then please get in touch as we may well still be able to help.