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Contact Management

Tagish Contact Management system is an out-of-the-box, web-based case management solution. The system incorporates online forms; interactive ebookings; e-payments, and extensive business intelligence reporting, to enable intelligent use of customer profiles and transaction histories to provide an enhanced experience for customers.

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Multi-Channel Access

The system may be accessed through any browser on any device, making it truly "multi-channel" to allow access to customer details, service requests and forms. Requests may be submitted by the customer, by their representative or by authority staff on behalf of the customer. Completion of forms may be begun through one channel and completed through another.

Easy to use - easy to deploy

The system is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. A sophisticated e-forms engine is included, allowing rapid development and deployment of page based "wizard style" forms. The simple browser based interface will allow non-IT staff within each service unit to develop forms, thus greatly increasing staff commitment and ownership of the system.

Integrated Online Payments

Integrated online payment facilities allows real time authorisation of payment card transactions. A flexible wizard driven configuration facility allows interaction with either an external payment service provider (PSP) or an internal payment system.

Integrated Online Bookings

An integrated booking facility allows for the online booking of resources, searching and allocation to an availability diary. Bookings may be booked and managed through customer, contact centre and/or officer portals.

24x7 Self Service

An accessible self-service facility enables citizens, businesses and councillors to:

  • Log requests and complete forms
  • Make payments
  • Book services
  • Track case progress and access case files
  • Contact case officers


Flexible Workflow and Case Management

Sophisticated workflow facilities allow caseworkers to:

  • Access a complete online case file
  • Generate letters, emails or SMS
  • Generate tasks and receive notifications of tasks due
  • Complete and record details of tasks undertaken
  • Record case outcomes
  • Respond to correspondence


Extensive Business Intelligence

An extensive management reporting facility allow organisations to:

  • Drill-down from reports into case files
  • Analyse data held to identify trends
  • Analyse and assess performance
  • Generate statistics and graphs for publication on intranet and internet



Tagish's contact management solution is adaptable to meet your changing business requirements. Changes can be managed and applied in-house by your staff or by Tagish's professional services team. New solutions can be added to your product suite to match new or existing business processes, or amending existing processes as required. All of this is possible through the iCasework platform edition which gives the customer full access to work on forms, workflow and reports.

Shared Services

The web based and configurable nature of Tagish's iCasework solution makes it ideal for support shared services. Man with mobile deviceProjects using iCasework have won national awards for the benefits and savings that have been made through shared services working. The fully integrated security, workflow, reporting and analysis capabilities ensure that they product can be used in a variety of scenarios providing integrated solutions.

Systems Integration

One of the key benefits of the Tagish Contact Management solution is the ability to integrate it with a wide variety of systems that you may already be using. Indeed, many of the common solutions have already been integrated with the system using open standards. They may include payment processing, property gazetteers (LLPG), GIS solutions, middleware, CRM systems, authentication systems, telephony and call recording systems, and a wide variety of back office solutions.