Enabling outstanding
relationships through
inspired systems solutions

About us

Tagish is a new media technology company, delivering innovative solutions and outstanding service for over a decade. With a track record of creating award winning products and services, Tagish is committed to establishing long term relationships with both commercial and public sector clients.

Our mission

Tagish exists to deliver innovative solutions that enhance your organisation, enabling you to develop outstanding relationships with your customers.

Tagish provide:

  • Websites for internet, intranet and extranet use. Tagish design, develop, host and maintain websites that are easy to use and manage and create a highly effective on-line presence for customers. Websites created by Tagish include individual sites which have over 20,000 web pages and online stores containing more than 80,000 products.
  • Customer relationship solutions including casework management, customer complaint and feedback management, workflow, interactive forms and contact management.
  • Technology management solutions including systems performance and availability monitoring, systems security, and disaster recovery.

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